Winter: cold cold cold cold cold [Well, here in Nashy it’s more: cold – wierd really nice day – snowy – cold – cold] Either way, it’s cold most the time. Which means lots of indoor activities. Like reading!! If you’re looking for some interesting stories to check out this month, check out the current issue of VICE. Our buddy Siram [of Liquor Store, LiveFastDie, every band you love] read us a little story the other day and we figured we’d share it with you. Siram and the boys will be here in mid-January at the Danzig boys’ House. He has the biggest mouth in rock and roll. Literally. Not in that he talks lots of smack, but his mouth is gigantic. So go grab a blanket and curl up by a fire [not too close!] and let Siram serenade you with a sweet supple story. Yeah!

Sarim reading out loud… awesome.

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