Body Switchers

Guess who’s got a new cassette up their sleeve? Phew, OK, good, you can read! Natural Child’s been absolutely killing it lately, and they’re not gonna slow it down for nobody. They put out their debut 7″ [Infinity Cat] around 3 months ago and are going to keep things moving right along with the release of a new cassette called Body Switchers. It’s kind of difficult to explain the concept behind Body Switchers, it’s not exactly the “Freaky Friday” kind of body switching that you might be thinking of. It’s more of a Stevie Nicks thing. Right? Whatevers. The tape is going to feature lots of new jams that are going to get your gonads for sure. If you want a taste, head over to Glenn Danzig’s tomorrow night to watch the boys. Apparently, they’ll be playing lots of material from the new tape. As far as release dates go, you can probably expect this one in the early parts of next year.
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  1. Dillon says:

    lemme get dat.

    P.S. who did the art? super bad ass.

    • Forever Young says:

      Seth Murray [Natural Child guitar player/Halcyon Bike Shop workhorse/boyfriend to Heavy Cream drummer] did the artwork for the cassette.

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