Today, the second day of Listmas, features a list from our Floridian kemo sabes Magic & The Johnsons. We’ve talked about the boys before, but let’s get to know them a little more. They are two boys: Sam and Tim. They started out as a band in the earrrrly parts of January this year, and grew and grew and then played the Orange You Glad Fest and then started playing shows on the reg at Lou’s with lots of our other favorite Florida bands [Ozzy & the Bobos, Hot Hands, blah blah blah] Then they got to be pretty familiar with the Florida’s Dying guys and ended up playing shows with bands like Box Elders. That’s a pretty nice evolution they’ve got going on there, don’t you think? Yeah, we think so too. Anyways, they’re in the middle of a brief hiatus because Tim’s in the Air Force. Anyways, let’s get listing….

Top Ten Places to Shotgun a Beer


10. Behind a hotel on your way to see the Goddamn Doo Wop Band-the security guard has to be a little G and hollas “Take it to the head!”

9. At a connivence store while stocking the cooler on a graveyard shift. Try and remember to pick up the empties.

8. During the aftermath of a presidential assassination. Toss up between JFK and Michael Jackson.

7. While pogoing at a Davilla 666 show.

6. Prior to starting a 5k for a charity event sponsored by the Air Force. Cup your hands Chandler!

5. Before and after having a menage-a-trois with a mother of two and the Joker.

4. Minutes before trying to lift an SG from a Gibson Boutique. Try not to get booked but talk as much shit as possible after getting caught.

3. Immediately after the first time you go soft in girls/boys mouth. May need to do 2. 8. or all 12.

2. Anywhere. Anytime. Duh

1. At a FD shotgun heard round the world party. Fuuck yeah!

“Gonna call your friends. Gonna grab some cans. Gonna grab some pens. Gonna stick it in. Let the fun begin. It’s a shotgun party heard around the world. Glug glug glug” – Coconut Coolouts

Thanks Sam & Tim, you guys are real babes.

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