Photo by Emily Quirk

Photo by Emily Quirk

If you tuned in yesterday to the radio show, you probably got to hear some pretty weird stuff. But you also probably got to hear a new Daniel Pujol demo [We played “May Day”] Don’t feel bad if you missed out, because you can steeeel check it out over at Daniel’s myspace. Not to mention new versions of just about all his songs. There’s even a little link down at the bottom of this post where you can digi-download his new steez. He’s so good to us. He’s got a tour lined up for early 2010 but he needs to find a drummer. Is it you? If you think it could be, and you want to get in touch with him, shoot us an email at or message Daniel on myspace [We think myspace is going to have a mega-resurgance in the new year. Or Friendster. Or Buddytown. Maybe] Anyways, check out these jams. Jam ’em in your jam box.

Daniel Pujol – Deathmask Demo [mp3]
Daniel Pujol – May Day Demo [mp3]

Daniel’s got a new tape out on Infinity Cat. Scoop it! Rumors of a Daniel Pujol/So Jazzy split cassette have been circulating lately, we’ll keep you posted.

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