So, every once in a while, the middle Tennessee area offers a couple of really great shows that fall on the same night. This Saturday is one of those “once in a whiles”. YEAH [who are maybe making the biggest impact on a community in the shortest time ever] are having a killer show this Saturday featuring the returned Caitlin Rose and Those Darlins, with Six Gun Lullaby to top it off. Oh, and this show is a benefit for the YEAH space, so you can feel good about what you’re doing and then go drool over some of Nashville/Murfreesboro’s finest. Oh, and it’s kind of a matinee… starts with a private Caitlin Rose show at 6ish. Then Six Gun then Darlins then dance party.


We have some conflicting plans seeing as we’ll be busy throwing down some wax trax over at Halcyon Bike Shop for their 1st birthday party. That shinding starts at 2PM with an Alley Cat race starting at Centennial Park and ending at 3PM at the shop [There’s a $5 entry fee] From 3 until ??? we will be partying at the shop with tacos and booze and good music provided by: Willy T, Jamin Orrall, Whit Smith, and us. After that, just down the street at the Hanging Arm, there’s a great show with Big&Tall, Lazy Magnet, Heavy Cream, and No Compassion. This one ends early though [right around 10ish] but apparently the party just moves to Betty’s B& G after that where bands will keep playing. Who doesn’t love field trips? So, there you go babies, a decision for you to make….

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