Photo by Bekah Cope

Photo by Bekah Cope

We’ve talked about Air Waves a bit already here, but whatever we’re going to talk about them some more. Especially since our buddies over at Daytrotter posted up a recent session with the Brooklyn boppers that features three unreleased recordings. Count ’em! THREE! The songs just keep reminding us how great Nicole’s tunes are. Simple, sincere, so good. Air Waves rolled through town a while back for that house show at Willy T’s, and are planning to head out to Europe in the new year. We know they’ve been pow-wowing with the Captured Tracks fellas in regards to some new releases. We’ll keep you posted the mosted.

Air Waves – Sweetness [Previously unreleased mp3]
Air Waves – Fort Tilden [Previously unreleased mp3]
Air Waves – Lightning
Air Waves – Waters [Previously unreleased mp3]

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  1. ho'dad says:

    idk man. this band is kinda zzzz.

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