Halcyon Birthday

Whoa. Has Halcyon Bike Shop really been open for a year?? We were there the day they opened up hanging out with Clubber and Jammer and have been loyalists ever since. It’s crazy to look at the change this one shop has brought to Nashville in the last 12 months, and we couldn’t be happier for our buddies. We even contributed to The Rabbit’s last issue with an article about how much we appreciate Halcyon [There’s no byline for the article… we’re not sour about it or anything though…] To celebrate their birthday [which was technically Dec. 2] we went and hung out all day and got our bikes tuned up. But so everyone can celebrate it, they’re hosting a party Dec. 12th! It starts off with an Alley Cat race at Centennial Park at 2PM and finishes up with a party over at the shop. We’ve heard there we’ll be some tasty tacos nearby and that some of your favorite locals will be throwing down on the ones and twos.

Guest DJs
:: Willy T  <—- The Paper Hats, Silver Jews, Lambchop, Tim Chad & Sherry, everything you love
:::: Jamin Orrall  <—- One half of JEFF the Brotherhood, another half of The Crumbs
:::::: Whit Smith  <—- Dreamboat, former Pita-Partyer
:::::::: Nashville’s Dead  <—- That’s us!

So yeah! Come out and party and tell Halcyon happy birthday! Then we can all bike over to the house show on Elliott and watch Big&Tall, Lazy Magnet, Heavy Cream, and some others. Sound good? Good!

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