Twatting on the reg

Oh man, Tristen, you have recently come to find yourself on the receiving end of some major love over the last little while from some of our fave-New York babes [Like that tweet from #1 BK blogger, PopJew, up there] With that, Tristen’s recently been featured on Tunage, The Music Slut [check it out here] and lots of other places. Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Nashville’s Dead, are you really talking about Tristen right now? We thought you only talked about babes and JTB?” Well, yes we are talking about Tristen [who is a babe] and, hey, that’s not cool to assume that we don’t have a softie side [We don’t really. Promise. OK whatever, we kind of do] We’re always stoked to see more Nashville bands getting the recognition they deserve, especially when we know they’re Springsteen fans.

Tristen: “Matchstick Murder” from Tristen on Vimeo.

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