We’ve only got a few shows left for the 2009 radio season so we’re really kicking out the jams for all the shows. Be sure to tune in every Thursday from 3-4PM on 91.1 WRVU for our show. Today, a couple called in on their drive across country and told us we were cracking them up and playing the best shit they’ve ever heard. They sounded like Fred and Toody Cole.

A BIT STRANGER [12.03.2009]

Those Darlins // Hung Up On Me
Times New Viking // City On Drugs
Red Transistor // Not Bite
Mars // Helen Fordsdale
Mentally Ill // Tumor Boy
The Greusomes // For All I Care
The Crumbs // Live at Glenn Danzig’s
Television Personalities // 14th Floor
The Petticoats // Allergy
The Curse // Shoeshine
Meemaw // Cancer of Society
GG King // Drug Zoo
Buzzer // Cool Feeling
Skrewdriver // 19th Nervous Breakdown
Real Estate // Atlantic City
White Wires // Goodbye Girl
School Jerks // Stray
The Perverts // I Am Doctor
Tammy Wynette // Stand By Your Man

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