This flyer rules.

This flyer rules.

So it’s over a month away, who cares, we’re still mega-excited for the first month of the new year [New decade. Spring Break ‘010!] Between this show and the Failures show [we’ll talk about that later] and some other great shows lined up, we’re starting to think that 2010 is going to be one of the best years this town has seen in a while. Nazi Dust and Slave Scene, two Tampa bands, are gracing Nashville on January 9th at Little Hamilton alongside MLU, Brainwreck, and Frosty. You can thank the boys over at SAFG for this one. Seriously. Thank them big time.

:: Slave Scene
:::: Nazi Dust
:::::: MLU
:::::::: Brainwreck
:::::::::: Frosty
@ Little Hamilton
$TBA – All Ages – 9:30

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  1. Dillon says:

    that’s the coolest flyer i’ve seen in a long time.

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