It’s officially December, which means it’s OK for you to get all Christmas-y and stuff. The Glenn Danzig boys are giving you a great opportunity to get into the spirit this weekend with their own benefit show. Apparently they’ve encountered some significant damages to their house equipment over the last few months: broken mics/cords, busted drums/cymbals, empty pockets/stomachs, you get the idea. The show features So Jazzy, Cy Barkley, Diarrhea Planet, and Daniel Pujol. With special guests, Ben Steine’s Money. Glenn Danzig’s House has definitely become our favorite new place to catch shows, and we know they’ve got some pretty big shows lined up for the new year, so we’d really like to urge alls of yous to go out on Friday and pitch what you’ve got to the guys and tell them how much you love them. Nashville’s Dead <3 Glenn Danzig’s House.

:: Daniel Pujol
:::: Cy Barkley
:::::: Diarrhea Planet
:::::::: So Jazzy
@ Glenn Danzig’s House
$5 – All Ages – 8PM

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  1. shagattack says:

    Wish I could be there wish i could be there wish i could be there!!! Dammit.

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