Just try to look past the offensiveness for one second, OK? Yes, they wear klan masks and, yes, their name is reminiscent of some pretty terrible shit, but we can’t not talk about this music. These 5 hoodlums from Puebla, Mexico are shelling out some ultra raw, minimalist, synth-infused punk. Sort of like a Spanish Spits or something, except maybe sloppier and drunker? OK, definitely sloppier and drunker. And scarier? Maybe people will stop fearing chupacabras and start fearing these guys. We can’t tell if they’ve had any releases come stateside, but apparently they’re on Vagina Records. A band called The Nazis who wear klan masks and put out records on Vagina Records…. Los Nassis, your shock factor attempt is through the roof, but it’s teetering on being bottom-shelf-6th grade-humor. So watch out! Check out a track below.

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2 responses to “ESTA BIEN, SOMOS JUDIOS.”

  1. Dillon says:

    lolz at Juan el Gripe = Jack the Ripper in Spanish.

  2. Forever Young says:

    Yeah, and their other hit “El Pene de Cristo” … the penis of christ

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