Nashville's Dead Crü an hour before showtime

Just hanging out before the show

Last night’s huge show at the warehouse went off without a hitch [even without The Puj] The playtimes for each band were determined randomly from some paper in a hat; if shows use this method and only charge $2 for the kids more often, we’d never miss a Little Hamilton show again. Not that we don’t like opening bands, it’s just, you know, whatever.

Even with the rotating lineup we still missed the first two bands of the night, a real shame since we’ve liked Gnarwhal since they were a three piece and the Cherry Blossoms know how to blow it out of the water. Deluxin’ [minus a bass] was great as always, Forrest Bride played cool dub-krautrock, and Lazy Magnet sounded like an ethereal New Order without the tone-deaf singing [which means we like it]

The two standout groups were MLU and MARJ! Tampa Bay transplants My Left Uterus [of SAFG fame] blew literally everyone away. We’ve seen ’em maybe once or twice before, but we’ve never really seen ’em, know what I’m saying? Maybe it’s the recent addition of a bass [or that we finally brought earplugs] but we haven’t fallen this hard for a band since five minutes ago. Now, we’ve seen MARJ! maybe around 1000 [plus another 10000] times before, but hot damn they’ve never been better. We were able to get a sneak peek of some new material a couple weeks back, and their set last night totally delivered. Their tape has just about sold out, but there’s a few copies left down at Halcyon Bike Shop. Better get ’em quick before they’re gone.

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