Confetti Feet

Photo by: Maddy Madeira

Little Hamilton is getting to be the spot for your local mini-fests. Feels like every weekend there’s some big show going on with 6 or 7 of our favorite local bands, and this Saturday is no different. The bad boys over at SAFG have put together a real doozy this time. The show features 7 great acts and some booze for the of-age, paying customers. Here’s where they get you though. The lineup will be decided 30 minutes before the show starts [By drawing names out of a hat. The democratic way] Seriously. Better come early because you won’t have any idea of the order until you get there. To keep things moving quickly, there will be two stage areas set up [You know, so you can bounce from band-to-band without pause] Oh, and it’s for the kids. For those under the age of 21, it’s only going to cost you $2. Any older and that’ll be $5. Check out the roster below, but remember — THIS IS NOT THE ORDER THEY WILL PLAY IN! Probably.

:: Cherry Blossoms

:::: MLU

:::::: Lazy Magnet

:::::::: Forrest Bride

:::::::::: Daniel Pujol

::::::::::: Marj!

:::::::::::::: Gnarwhal

Show starts at 8PM at Little Hamilton, doy.

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