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Well, the boys are back in town. Only for a little while though, so they’re giving everybody a couple shots to come say, “Hey!”  before they check out for a bit. It’s practically the same show two nights in a row, plus a couple variations: Friday [Nov. 27] takes place at the YEAH! Space in Murfreesboro and features Natural Child, Heavy Cream, and JEFF the Brotherhood. Saturday [Nov. 28] takes place at the Springwater in Nashy-baby and features the aforementioned along with Daniel Pujol. See the differences?? One’s all ages. One’s 21+. One’s got Daniel Pujol. One doesn’t. Both are only $5. Both are only going to blow your mind. Our buddies over at the YEAH space have provided a little link for you to visit and snag a couple mp3s [Natural Child’s “Dogbite”, Heavy Cream’s “Lava Lamp”, and JEFF’s “Bone Jam”] So be sure to hit that up. And to celebrate the babies being back, let’s gather up some videos from the road [including one that has that new JEFF song… Diamond-something? We can’t remember what it’s called or if it has a name yet, but it rocks.]

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  1. jake says:

    oh great guys thats the ONE NIGHT that we messed that song up soooooobad. nice new site by the way..

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