The sleaziest sleaze on the seven seas. Exactly. This Minneapolis punk band is one of the few bands we can think of who’s name is the only word that perfectly describes their music. So, if you’re not into fast, loud, snotty rock and roll, go ahead and skip this one. At first listen you’d probably think, “This has to be on the wrong speed. Let me try it on 33rpm. Oh shit, I guess it is supposed to be on 45rpm. Whoa.” Conor’s vocals are high-pitched and repetitive, but in the best way. As far as we know, they’ve only one got official release to their name [The Somkin’ Fuckin’ Cigs Single pictured above, available on Fashionable Idiots] and good luck finding it anywhere around here. We were lucky enough to pick it up in Chicago back in the Spring. The boys did a short tour earlier this year [Neglecting the southern states. C’mon guys, we’d throw the best show for you.] But they don’t often leave the Great Lake area. Yeah. Sleazy.

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