King Tuff’s Was Dead [Originally out on Vegetable Records but got a wider release from Colonel Records] was the best album to come out last year [suck it, Fleet Foxes] And you’re probably already kind of aware of King Tuff, or atleast one of Kyle Thomas’s projects [Witch, Happy Birthday, Feathers] We looked into King Tuff a while ago when our ATL buddy Gentleman Jesse did a cover of the song “Connection” for his Whirlyball 7″, and we haven’t looked back since. It’s just like these 70s-glammy-psychedelic-rock jams drenched in honey: it’s so sweet and great and it sticks with you forever. But you don’t mind it sticking all over you. And his songs just hit you right in your pop-vulnerable pressure points right away, not giving you a chance to not like it. And, osh-kosh-my gosh, we could listen to that guitar all day. Seriously guys, if you aren’t listening to this on the daily, get on it. Pick up Was Dead here.
Kyle’s other band Happy Birthday is putting out a record in early 2010 with SubPop. Scoop it !
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