HITTINTHEWAVESWe know, we know. Lots of WRVU hooplah going around right now, but I mean would you really want us to be on the radio anymore? We don’t play enough Radiohead or Animal Collective to qualify for the new WRVU standards [Atleast, we don’t really think so?] So for the next couple weeks we’re just going to kick out the jams and then figure out some dream-streamy stylee radio show type of thing to do here. Sound good? Then we don’t have to censor ourselves. ANYTHING GOES ON THE INTERNET! GOIN’ VIRAL!

A BIT STRANGER [11.12.2009]
  • The Cravats // Dregs
  • Kleenex // Ain’t You
  • Death // Rock N Roll Victom
  • Cock Sparrer // We Love You
  • The Replacements // Red Red Wine
  • Nicky & The Dots // Never Been So Stuck
  • Buzzcocks // Everybody’s Happy Nowadays
  • Wasted Youth // Baby
  • Motley Crue // Looks That Kill
  • King Tuff // Sun Medallion
  • The Weeds // You Must Be A Witch
  • Graffiti Island // Head Hunters
  • DuneBuggy // W Thing
  • Deluxin’ // Dixie Cup
  • Delta5 // Colour
  • Magic & The Johnsons // Friends Mistaken For Brothers
  • The James Gang // Earthshaker
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