What better way is there to celebrate Veteran’s Day than with Those Darlins and The King Khan & BBQ Show? Yeah! With the way shows have been going in this town, you can go ahead and expect tonight to be a rocking and rolling BBQ storm full of fun. And our buddy Ben from Third Man Records is going to be on the ones-and-twos tonight, you know, slinging out all the best White Stripes, Dead Weather, Jack White-related jams there are [You’re required to do that since you work for Third Man, right? Just yolking, baby. We know you’ve got your steez on lock.] Seriously guys, unless you’re Lita-ing out tonight, make your way down to Exit/In: 1. King Khan + BBQ rule 2. Those Darlins rule and 3. Ben from Third Man really knows how to get ’em wet on the dance floor. See you tonight!!

:: King Khan & BBQ Show
:::: Those Darlins
:::::: DJ BFTM [Ben from Third Man]
@ Exit/In
$12 – 18+ – 8PM
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