Ok ladies, we’ve been doing this blog for a minute or two now and we’re thinking about changing it up a bit. Don’t worry, nothing drastic. How’s abouts we talk about one new band everyday? They don’t have to be from Nashville, we just have to like them. Sound good? I mean, we’re still gonna keep doing all the Nashy-related goods. We just thought this might be a good way to up our content, you know, really get viral. WE’RE GOIN’ VIRAL!

This all-star duo is from Orlando, FL and they’ve quickly become one of our favorite rock and roll tag-teams. Tim and Sam [arms above] shell out simple, raw, almost-kind-of-stupid punk jams. Because of the name of the band and the names of the songs [ “Friends Mistaken for Brothers” or “She Left Me for God” are both candidates for best trackname this year] you’d probably think this band is a joke. And you’d be kind of right. But also wrong. I mean, in a time where everything is over-produced and kids think that Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA” is better than Jonathan Richman’s “Parties in the USA“, we just need something that we can listen to and hear that makes us think “Fuck that”. So, I guess for us, listening to Magic and the Johnsons is like saying “Fuck you” to Miley and the Jo-Bros and all the mickey-moused bologna. Plus, we just really like it. Unfortuanately, M&TheJ’s are now on hiatus because Tim is in the Air Force. Here’s some photos from their last show from super rad Florida zine Kickbright. Sam’s in another band called The Shreds and they are planning to go on tour in the early nether-parts of next year with St. Dad. Nashville. Yes?

Magic & The Johnsons have a tape out, I don’t know how you can get it?

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