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Check out who’s got a new 7″ slated for later this month. The dream-creamers are pressing a new single for Infinity Cat [We don’t know which songs are going to be on it yet. We’re pulling for “Watusi” that song rules] Word on the street is that it’ll be limited to 100 copies. Which means you’d better be on the look and have some dollars in your hand because this will probably be gone real quick. Real quick. Cream Team has a show scheduled for Nov. 28th at The Springwater with JTB and Natural Child, maybe it’ll be ready then? We’ll keep you posted.
Speaking of pressing records, JEFF just sent Heavy Days in for a second pressing. When it comes back this time it’ll have a DIFFERENT back cover! Man, I already had to buy three copies of the first pressing [black, yellow, and mixed] but now I’m gonna have to buy one from the second pressing too. Whatevers. My grandkids will go ga-ga for it one day.
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  1. mattpunk77 says:

    Heavy Cream are playing at Glenn Danzig's house Saturday Nov 14th with Symptoms, Cheap Time, and Cy. You can get the flier from Mimi. It will also be the record release for the new Symptoms 12", limited to 150 copies.

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