Man, we are just full of release news for you today. Daniel Pujol, one of this town’s best songwriters, is releasing a new cassette tape next week. It’s called Ringo, Where Art Thou? and it’s solid throughout. It’s primarily a compilation of demos that Daniel and his beaus have been working on over the past little while [If you’ve been to his myspace at all lately, you’ve heard some of the gems] The other thing about the cassette is that it’s practically a Wanted ad for a drummer for Daniel’s band. So if you like what Daniel’s laying down, get in touch with us at nashvillesdead[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll get you in touch. Here’s a little sneak peek at the cassette with a free digi-downlow for Pujol’s song “Too Safe”

Daniel and crew just got back from a tour [We caught them at CMJ and they killed it] And you can catch them a week from today [Nov. 12] at the release show with Natural Child [also releasing their 7″] Cy Barkley, and So Jazzy.
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