King Khan and BBQ [Mark Sultan] are coming back to town a week from tomorrow [Nov. 11] to play at Exit/In with those hometown girly-babes Those Darlins. The last time KK+BBQ passed through our little Nashville, they rocked to a pretty sparse crowd, but then King Khan & His Shrines passed through a few months later and packed the place out. We still can’t really figure out why [We like ’em bolth, but KK+BBQ is for sure our favorite of the two. But we do like the bolth of them. Bolths of them] The two-piece’s new album, Invisible Girl [VICE], just came out today and like all their other releases, we can’t help but shake when we hear it. There’s lots of Spits-y jams [specifically “Tastebuds”, which might be one of the grossest most rad songs we’ve heard this year] and some real crooning heart-breakers on here [Like “Invisible Girl” below] Rock and roll styl-ee. Be sure to catch both of these bands when they come to town next week [And bring some baked goods to welcome the Darlins home, you know they deserve it]

Artwork for Invisible Girl

:: The King Khan & BBQ Show
:::: Those Darlins
@ Exit/In
$12 – 18+ – 8PM
Pick up KK+BBQ Show’s new record here. Do it.
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  1. Dillon says:

    Teabag Party > Animal Party.

  2. Forever Young says:

    Yeah yeah, but animal party is fun too. Hey Dillon, email us at nashvillesdead(at)gmail(dot)com we need to talk

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