A little bit of Ben Steine’s Money

Last Friday wasn’t Halloween, but it might as well have been. The show at Glenn Danzig’s House was one of the most fun things we’ve been to in a…. I was going to say “in a long time” but there have been some really fun shows lately. I guess we’ll just say that this show is just proof that the shows are getting more and more fun each time. Right? Well, the show featured 4 virtual unknowns [Ben Steine’s Money, The Crumbs, So Jazzy, and Glenn Danzig’s Band] along with Natural Child. All the bands were good. Really good. By the end of the night, Glenn Danzig’s House looked like it had been hit by a bomb. Here are some photos from Natural Child’s set and the wreckage [sorry we don’t have any photos of the other bands, our camera was whack! All photos courtesy of Bekah Cope]

Glenn Danzig


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