Since it’s release, Turbo Fruits‘ latest record Echo Kid has been making some waves across the nation. And after touring with Monotonix, CMJ-ing all over the place, and hitting home with Black Lips last week, they’ve been able to cover alot of ground with new crowds and babies. They’ve got a new video directed by Brad Holland [Busy guy, amiright?] for their song “Naked With You” that’s pretty great [Dazed Digital has the exclusive. Thanks, Turbo Fruits, I thought we were friends?] But since we can’t embed that digital video baby right here on our spot, we’ll share a couple others of the boys getting hotboxed in a bathroom.

That’s getting to be a pretty popular bathroom. If you haven’t already, pick up Echo Kid here. It’s bomb. Jonas & co. don’t have any Nashy dates lined up right now, but they are heading out to Puerto Rico to hang with those Dav666 boys.

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