We hope you all have a spooky Halloween. And if you don’t already have plans, we suggest checking out Little Hamilton tonight. Those babes have been working hard all week to setup for the party tonight. Here are the deets:

Little Hamilton’s Abandoned Asylum Halloween Party!

:: Forrest Bride
:::: Lylas
:::::: Joy Division
:::::::: The Misfits

DJ Danger + Super Deadly Dance Party!

Potluck at 7
Music starts at 8
$3 – All Ages

Sound good? We think so [Except maybe not the Joy Division part. Feels like everywhere we go these days people think they gotta play some Joy Division to be cool. We like Joy Division, we write papers about them at school, but come on DJs —- less Smiths + Joy Division] Oh, and thanks Bekah C for zombifying those photos for us.

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