We mentioned this yesterday, but we figured we should elaborate further since there are SO many new bands playing the show. Natural Child just got back from their first tour [which ruled] and played with Black Lips last night, but tonight is their official release show for their debut 7″ [Out on Infinity Cat Records] You probably knew most of that, though. Here’s the low on all the other bands playing tonight:
Two bad boys at heart trying to buy their way into the rock and roll world. Expect them to accomplish that goal by the end of the year. While one jams out the licks on his guitar, the other sings about high school, teenage frustrations, hot dogs…. yeah, hot dogs. They played an impromptu show in Murfreesboro a while back, so feel lucky you’re getting the heads up on their performance tonight.
Another two-piece rock and roll troupe featuring members of JEFF and Heavy Cream. From what we can tell, these babies love their food. And their rock and roll. This is their debut show and is sure to be a treat. Don’t miss it.
So Jazzy is a rag-tag group of teenage babies fleshing out short, sweet, chuggy jams. This is their first show too. Ready for some math? Think ESG+Beach Boys+fuzz+no one really knows what they’re doing. That’s kind of what it’s like.
I don’t know how they did it, but somehow they managed to get THE Glenn Danzig to perform at the show tonight. And he’s only doing the Misfits hits that we all know and love. He’s got some of Heavy Cream backing him up. Devil locks.
And then Natural Child finishes off the night! So there you go! The boys at Glenn Danzig’s have requested that people dress up and come in costumes [All the bands will be dressed up too] The show costs $5, but YOU GET A FREE 7″ WHEN YOU WALK IN! How rad is that!? Be there at 8PM SHARP
:: Natural Child
:::: The Glenn Danzigs
:::::: So Jazzy
:::::::: The Crumbs
:::::::::: Ben Steine’s Money
@ Glenn Danzig’s House
$5 – All Ages – 8PM
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