A couple weeks ago, TV Ghost rolled through town and shattered dreams down at Betty’s. We weren’t there [We were out of town, otherwise we totally would’ve been there] but they boys passed along a little tape to our best bud Nathan. He then mentioned it to us and we both feel like it’d be a real shame to let this tape go without mention here. The cassette [out on Dry Well Records] features a few tracks from Argentina’s Eel Life Cycle [we’re not totally convinced on the Argentina thing…] and it’s some of the best stuff we’ve heard in a long time. Like really though. It’s really really good. Here’s what they had to say about it over at Offensive Blogging [One of our favorite new sites]:

The special thing was the tape i bought off jackson the drummer of tv ghost and it is by a group called EEL LIFE CYCLE and the music and lyrics are inspiring to say the least. one song is totally about tears for fears. highly suggest checking both bands out. i know tv ghost is from lafayette indiana and i don’t know where eel life cycle is from. that was friday.

the top quote is the title of the first song off of legendary CHROME’s 3rd record HALF MACHINE LIP MOVES

“everybody wants to rule the world”

Seriously babes, check it out. There are only 100 cassettes of this gem, so go here and get it before they’re all gone.

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  1. Nathan says:

    great playlist today, david i totally heard you for the first time while driving thru green hillz today. ready set grow!

    disco version of course

  2. Anonymous says:

    is that a klan meeting?

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