It seems like everyone is pinching the soggy cheeks of the Underwater Peoples crew [Home to Real Estate, Alex Bleeker & The Freaks, Ducktails, Julian Lynch, etc.] these days. Shit, even those Washington Post babies are in on it. And, now we are too. I mean, we’ve been fans for a while now and brought Real Estate to town after SXSW last year and had a ball; but now the same guys are making great music as Ducktails and Bleeker’s Freaks and blowing everyone’s brains out. They’re floating across the country this month and might maybe be hitting Nashy on their way home [We’re working on it, alright!?] So check them out and pick up their records. They’ve got ALL the HITS! Here’s a video they shot recently for FADER.

Be sure to check out the rest of the series featuring performances of Real Estate, Ducktails, and more Freaks

Yeah! Underwater! Butterxface! Woo!
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