It’s hard for us [or anyone else] to talk about anything other than JtB right now, but two albums we’ve been super stoked for are about to rise from the swamps of Florida: Jacuzzi BoysNo Seasons [out tomorrow on Florida’s Dying] and TeePee‘s debut LP [available now on Senzei]

We’ve talked about Jacuzzi Boys a ton around here, so, if you’ve been paying attention, you’re already aware of the babies’ ability to infiltrate your brainwaves and stay there for days. They’ve put out a million 7″s in the past year or so, but none of the singles found their way onto No Seasons [except for “Island Ave“] Which means there are 11 new killer tracks that you probably haven’t heard. Probably. That photo up there is the artwork [Say what you will, the record’s tight] And don’t be too surprised if we say that Gabriel and the boys will be rolling through town sometime soon…… Pick up their album here.
We blagged about TeePee a while ago when we did that big Florida post [The good days. Amiright??] But he just released his debut LP, Morals, on Senzei Records and it’s great for this time of year. It’s hauntingly catchy with synthy-bits and drum machines and sad songs. I mean, what else would you want to listen to on a rainy Halloween? We’re total supporters of the DIY aesthetic around here, so we were stoked to learn that the whole record was recorderd/mixed/made by TeePee along with the artwork and inserts and released on his label. Talk about work ethic. Only 500 copies of the LP were pressed, so get on it here.

TeePee – I Told You So [mp3]

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