What a shame. I know we’re a little late on this, but I wasn’t able to say anything about it from the road, so yeah. The babies never made their way to Nashville, but we caught them oodles of times at SXSW last year. They were even nice enough to sneak us into one of their shows a couple years ago [Thanks again, bebes] We know what most people think when they hear “girl punk” but Mika Miko are solid all-around. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear from the girls. I hope. Anyways, you can pick up their goodies from PPM or our favorite LA shop Ooga Booga. We really recommend it.

That video’s from PPM’s “New Video Works” Pick that up too. It rocks and rolllls! The babies split due to “personal differences and other projects”. You know, the uzshe [Still trying to figure out a good way to spell uzshe when trying to shorten “usual”. Help?] Thanks Mika Miko. You will be missed.

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  1. Erock says:

    That's a shame. 🙁 Glad I saw them recently.

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