So those JEFF babes are sure getting loads of attention these days [and that’s just from BV] Even a lot of the local nay-sayers are starting to come around [We know it’s about being cool, but we’re just glad that you guys are capable of realizing when you’re wrong about something and willing to make a change.] The attention is much deserved though. I mean, show us a harder working band right now. The babies just played like one million shows at CMJ this year, and are cranking out video after video. Here’s their latest for “U Got The Look” which was directed by Brad Holland

JEFF the Brotherhood – U Got The Look from Brooklyn Vegan on Vimeo.

We caught a sneak peak at their next video, and we’ll just say that it makes us want to cry when we watch it. Fuck, babes, it makes us want to cry when we hear it. If you haven’t already…. here.

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