The world’s first annual Heavy Day was a blast: Cy was raw, The Looking Glass left us trippin’, and Grooms made us wish we could make sounds like that. JEFF really took the cake though, with their 42 minutes and 28 seconds of pure unadulturated HEAVY DAYS from start to finish. Here are photos from Bekah Cope documenting the celebration of the release of this year’s best album [Yeah, we said it. You know what else we’ll say? The decade’s best album. Eat it, Animal Collective]

Cy Barkley

The Looking Glass [or as we like to call them: The Move (reincarnated)


JEFF the Brotherhood

If that’s not enough photos for you, you can head over to BrooklynVegan where our buddy Paul Birman put up some of his photos. They rule. Heavy Days rules.

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