Oh man. If there were ever any question as to whether the Infinity Cat Showcase was the best showcase of Next Big Nashville, you better believe no one’s wondering about it now. That was the best show this town has seen all year [regardless of local or touring acts] You’re a lucky city, Nashville. Very lucky. Check out photos from Bekah Cope below [We only employ photographers that can get down in the gritty. Sometimes this leads to the flash getting knocked around and light leaks. But, whatever, those JEFF pictures look like they’re playing in Hell]

Wright’s Jambliyeah Fest

Cy Barkley

The Cannomen

Denney & The Jets

Daniel Pujol & His Beaus

Natural Child

Heavy Cream

JEFF the Brotherhood

You don’t have to take our word that this show ruled balls. The pictures justify that enough. The night ended with a surprise set by the one and only Sound Tribe Sector Cy, who successfully croudsurfed his keyboard and himself while playing his song. Oh shit. Thanks for choosing Infinity Cat.
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