WE FUN is going to be showing at The Belcourt tonight at 7:00. We caught the flick back last winter at The Belcourt really late one night at the first screening of the movie [we don’t really know how we ended up there, it was pretty much like 3 people and the dudes who made it] They’ve shown it a few other times at a few other places [including Halcyon Bike Shop] But a few weeks before we started this blog back in July, our good buddy BJ [Benjamin Jay Womack / Bobby Ubangi] passed away, and there was never really a good chance for us to say anything about it until now. BJay’s in this movie a million times, and how could he not be? It’s a movie about the Atlanta music scene and no one was as much a part of that as Bobby was. He was one of the original members of Carbonas and he was in Gaye Blades, The Lids, The Soft Spots, and his own solo band. There’s a lot of Bobby in the blood of Atlanta, trust us; but BJ was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer that then spread to his brain, liver, and pretty much everywhere else and at the age of 34 it got to him. We miss you buddy, and we’ll be wearing you proud to the movie tonight. Watching you read from Moby Dick is going to be tough.

Bobby put out a record, Inside the Mind of Bobby Ubangi, before passing that you can pick up here. It’s great. The guys over at Creative Loafing wrote a much better piece about BJ here. Bobby is a lover.
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