Little ones, we’re not going to lie [and it’s not like you couldn’t have guessed it] but the thing we look forward to most about Next Big Nashville is the Infinity Cat Records Showcase. Seriously, the last couple years of this show have been some of our all-time favorite times in Nashville. Here’s a little rundown of this year’s show for you…

We talked for a minute or two about Shredders the other day [Remember? We posted that video of the two dudes head banging in the jungle.] They got added to the bill last minute and we couldn’t be more stoked to see them again. A real treat. Real treeeeat.

Eric Wright’s new project featuring Nathan Vasquez and Reid Barber. WILDDD. I mean, these guys are the same babes from Deluxin’, No Compassion, and Reid & Wright so you know it’s gonna be pretty good.


The new project from EMP’s Cy Barkley featuring Cannomen/Kintaro’s Josh Shearon on bass and Kintaro/Natural Child’s Zach Martin on drums. Cy and the boys bash out some real gnarly early-80s garage punk. Think Jay Reatard / Marked Men / Carbonas type of stuff. In other words, it’s the kind of thing you want to listen to/see.

The punky brewster dude supergroup that we’ve talked plenty about. Comprised of members of Life Trap, Murdock, Kintaro, and Fantastic Butt. Loud and fast, spliffs and riffs to the max. They just put out their Demo Vol. 2, so be sure to snag a copy at the show.

The last time we saw Denney & his Jets all we could think was, “This is the music Nashville wishes it was known for.” Really, some of the most sincere songwriting that you’ll find during Next Big Nashville [or anywhere, for that matter]

Daniel’s got a newly revamped lineup that we talked about last week and his tunes are sounding better than ever. Talk about hard working dudes…. Daniel just put out his own zine, is working on a new 7″, is playing Oct. 5th with Dan Deacon and Oct. 6th in St. Louis with JEFF and Screaming Females.

Imagine if The Rolling Stones and The Beatles had a baby who loved punk rock but couldn’t ever shake mom and dad’s influence. We think that would sound something close to Natural Child. We talk about these guys pretty regularly and for good reason: they rock and roll. They’ve got a 7″ coming out soon on Infinity Cat [more about that later though]

Our favorite mondo-babes will be surfing the magma ’til the break of dawn, and we’ll all be surfing right along with them. We know they’ve been working out some new tunes, so maybe they’ll treat our little ears at the show. If you haven’t scooped up their 7″, you should definitely get on that soon because they’re going fast.

Nashville’s favorite sons. Do we have to talk about JEFF? You know them. You know how we feel about them. Sooo… Yeah. Do it. Their new album HEAVY DAYS comes out Oct. 13th. Pre-order it here and get exclusives!

You can pick up recordings from most of the artists above on the Infinity Cat website. Trust us, you’re going to want to be at this show. It’s the best $5 you’ll spend this year [Unless someone sells you a car or a house or something awesome for $5. But still.]
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