Get it. She’s falling.
We’re five days deep into October and it’s already been a blast [Even though the weather dudes were totally wrong about Sunday. A 20% chance of rain!? It rained all day! COME ON!] But October is so great because that’s when Tennessee gets its Fall. We always feel like Tennessee Fall’s only last a week or two, so it’s very important that we all enjoy this time to the max. Our buddy Maggie Lee put together a soundtrack for your Fall this year and our VICE buddies posted it up the other day. It features jams from Tough Knuckles, Sic Alps, Thrones and our favorite Kate Bush song/video.

Along with that, we’ll hit you with a video to one of our favorite Fall-time tunes…

Check the comments for the tracklist. If you want, you can tell us some of your favorite songs to listen to in the Fall-time… you don’t have to though.

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  1. Forever Young says:

    1. nico- these days
    2. kayla guthrie- song #1
    3. modern lovers- girlfrend
    4. tough knuckles- listen to the thunder
    5. molly nilsson- (won’t somebody) take me out tonight
    6. my bloody valentine- when you sleep
    7. serge gainsbourg & jane birkin- je t’aime… moi non plus
    8. jane birkin- help camionneur
    9. kayla guthrie- ocean song
    10. kate bush- wuthering heights
    11. tough knuckles- the side of the street
    12. violent femmes- waiting for our eden
    13. thrones- epicus doomicus bumpitus
    14. religious knives- adam
    15. sic alps- bathman
    16. tough knuckles- feelin a dream

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