Next Big Nashville is going to wear us out. But, ya know, there’s no time to lose. This Sunday we’re going to try and recover from the night before by non-stop partying. Isn’t that the best way to put off recovery? By just continuing to party through the pain? Yeah, we thought so. We know you babies want to join in so here’s the plan: Atlanta’s Coathangers are playing at Little Hamilton. The Coathangers, a four-piece girl troupe, sound like a revamped riot grrrl garage-y synth punk band with a little bit if UK post-punk garbage. They’ve put out a couple 7″s and an LP with Suicide Squeeze and Rob’s House. We feel like we should make some sort of Bikini Kill reference, and there you go. They’re playing with Heavy Cream, Natural Child, and Wright’s Jambliyeah Fest [they’ll be rocking straight from the Infinity Cat Showcase the night before] Here’s a weird video of the babes on LA Ink….

The Coathangers – Shut The Fuck Up [mp3]

The Coathangers have been on tour with Japandroids and have a new record, Scramble, out now. Man, Coathangers and Heavy Cream might be babe-overload, but we’re willing to take the risk.
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