Man, we just got back from The 5 Spot. We weren’t even planning on going out tonight, but, you know, sometimes it just happens. We decided to check it out when we heard that Heavy Cream had jumped back on the bill and were treated to great sets from both Kintaro and Heavy Cream. Heavy Cream kept it real cool. Then the JEFF boys took the stage [along with Wez on bass] They played a quick Heavy Cream cover [Lava Lamp] and then played “I’m a Freek” If that wasn’t treat enough, Wez and Jake decided to grace us with their latest band, SHREDDERS. It ruled. The babies in that video up there would’ve loved to have been at this show.

P.S. We said “Heavy Cream” like 4 times in that one paragraph. Crush much?

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  1. Seth Graves says:

    what? no powerbrrrd?

  2. Forever Young says:

    Sorry. We waited around outside for a long time because we had to sneak in through the back door. Next time!!!

  3. Seth Graves says:

    haha. fair enough.

    we play there again on the 30th. i'll put you guys on the list if you wanna come.

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