Daniel Pujol is one busy dude. Between touring, writing, and grad school, we don’t see how he has time to eat or sleep. He recently just put out his new zine, Rich Dick’s Almanac, and it’s pretty groovy. If you’ve read METAMOTORSPEEWAY: The Bristol Sessions [which you can pick up here] then you’ll have an idea of the sorts of things that Daniel writes about. This new zine though, is supposed to be about “if Benjamin Franklin’s Wario centrally planned an economy.” One of the great things about Daniel’s latest zine is that it’s free! You can just send him an e-mail at danielsdreamdepo[at]gmail[dot]com and he’ll send you a PDF version. What a babe, right?

Daniel also brought to our attention that the Richmond Zine Fest is right around the corner! It takes place this year on November 6th and 7th at Richmond’s Gallery 5 [they also do some shows there] We’d describe to you what a zine fest is like, but it’s pretty self explanitory: trading zines, selling zines, reading zines, zine-ing zines. If you’ve got the chance, definitely go check it out.

Daniel Pujol – Jimmie Rogers [mp3]

Daniel’s got a few shows coming up soon [Oct. 5 w/ Dan Deacon, Oct. 10 Infinity Cat Night] and a bunch of out-of-town dates following that. Check it out here. He’s also got a revamped lineup, watch out!

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