Now that it’s Fall and not a sloppy mess outside, we’ve been paying a lot more attention to the folkier section of our music collections. Mostly Dylan and Harlan Howard, but also a good bit of this guy. Kurt’s been putting out records for a couple years now with labels like Mexican Summer, Woodsist, and Richie Records [they’re kind of hard to come by on vinyl these days, but you might get lucky here] And just about everything he’s done so far [with The Violators or without] has been pretty golden. It’s something to definitely look into this week with the weather being how it is. There’s just something about psychadelic-folk-rock and cold breezes that really get our lady wet. Kurt’s got a new album, Childish Prodigy, coming out next week on Matador. You can stream the entire thing here.

[Pay no attention to that pig at the beginning. Weird.]

Kurt Vile – Freeway [mp3]
Kurt Vile – Red Apples [mp3]

Kurt’s on tour now and going all over the place [No Nashville, but we’re down to go to ATL on Nov. 3 if you guys are] check out the dates here.

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