Sorry, but, we just have to say something. JEFF the Brotherhood is not a garage-rock band. Please, if you hear/see someone referring to them as “garage-rock” give them the old one-two. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy plenties of garage bands, we just don’t like to see the boys get pigeon-holed into a genre that they’ve never fit into. So yeah. We’re not exactly satisfied with Wiki’s definition of garage-rock [not at all really] but we are definitely on board with this guy’s idea of grunge…

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  1. dude diligence says:
    here is jeff playing downstairs. Maybe you should call them downstairs-rock

  2. Forever Young says:

    whoa! is that your video/do you know who shot it?

    On another note:
    It's good to meet you, dude diligence. We made this blog a little while ago and when we tried to google ourselves you popped up and we were like "wait a minute…. we're Nashville's Dead not Nashville Dead" Talk soon! nashvillesdead[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. aaarrrgh! says:

    they are "best-fucking-band-in-my-life rock.

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