Our favorite brotherhood [sorry Jo-Bros] just announced that TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT they will start taking pre-orders for their new record Heavy Days. You ladies probably already know how much we love this album. Their last two shows in Nashville should be evidence enough that this album is going to be spinning for months [years for us] They’ve even got a few little extra treats planned for those who choose to pre-order. From the mouths of babes:

The pre-sale for our new record HEAVY DAYS will start at midnight on the Infinity Cat store. we are very excited, tell yr friends. Here are the details

The first 100 copies of the HEAVY DAYS lp are on beautiful opaque yellow vinyl and they are being PRE-SOLD on ONLY! The LP comes with a free digital download of the entire album so you can put it on your ipod or computer too. And as an added bonus, each lp will come with 1 of 100 copies of the sold out cassette RAFIKI’S VISION on CD!!! Orders will ship 10/13 when the album is officially realeased. Get them while they’re hot!

So there you have it! Get your limited yellow copy of Heavy Days tonight at midnight right here! And when you go, check out all the gnarly new things they’ve done to their site. It will make you jealous that your site is not nearly as cool. Thanks JTB. ND <3 JTB

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  1. Anonymous says:


    holyshit im excited!!

  2. Deviants Die 666 says:

    It's only $11.99 too!

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