Today is just a sloppy soggy wet day. And it seems like all good things are coming to an end… Reid & Wright’s last show, Gossip Girl has taken it’s turn towards suckitude, and now we can announce the very last show happening at the Vine Ridge House. The good news is: the show is going to kick ass. Seriously. We told you we’d keep you posted about The Beets show this weekend, so here it is. IN THE FLESH AND BLOOD!

:: Caitlin Rose
:::: Lambchop
:::::: Wooden Wand
:::::::: Jeff the Brotherhood
:::::::::: Tim Chad and Sherry
:::::::::::: Kelli Hix
:::::::::::::: Natural Child
:::::::::::::::: Daniel Pujol
:::::::::::::::::: The Beets
:::::::::::::::::::: Deluxin’ <------- back from the dead!
:::::::::::::::::::::: The Cherry Blossoms
:::::::::::::::::::::::: and others?
@ The Vine Ridge House
$?? – All Ages – 3PM

Oh my god. Talk about a Wet American Dream.

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