BEN & CY FEST [The Road to GONER]

Shit guys. This is some serious business right here. We told you a little while ago that there was going to be a Woven Bones//Yussuf Jerusalem//Heavy Cream//Turbo Fruits show, but we thought we’d wait until a week before to let you know that Ty Segall and Mantles are playing too. And the fact that you’re getting this show for only $5!?!? That’s unheard of. We’ve talked about Woven Bones and Yussuf before, but here’s a little bit about the bands we’ve yet to highlight. And a few tracks for you to pocket at the end.

If you’ve had your eyes and ears sewn shut over the last year or so…. whatever, you’ve definitely heard of Ty. Evolving from bands like The Perverts and Traditional Fools, Ty brings something completely different to the plate than most of the garage-y bands around right now. And we love it. The herky-jerky, loud, catchy sounds they produce are a delight for our budding Nashvillian ears. Seriously though guys, I know we at the Deadquarters are stoked for lots of things, but Ty coming to town is something we’ve been waiting a long time for and we very strongly urge everyone come check it out. Ty recently wrapped up a tour with hometown sweety-pies JEFF the Brotherhood and has lots of great records you should pick up. WIZARD MOUNTAIN !

Who doesn’t love a Siltbreeze band?? The San Franciscans are gracing Glenn Danzig’s House on their way to Goner Fest ’09 this year and we are so stoked! They’re out with Ty Segall right now and actually a part of our DBA friends project “The Maze” and have played with some of our other favorite bands [Christmas Island, Splinters, etc.] With a release date of Sept. 22 on Siltbreeze, their LP will be literally hot off the presses when they play here on Wednesday. They’ve also put out release on Mt St Mtn and Dulc-i-tone [they put out that Thee Oh Sees // Intelligence split]. Getting lucky on Wednesday guys…. really.

Woven Bones – Yr Sorcery [mp3]

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