We are totally wrecking the air waves right now. If there is a huge million-car pile up, it is probably our fault. How are we doing this? Well, somehow we’ve managed to find ourselves over at Vanderbilt’s WRVU studios, manning the controls from 4PM- 5PM. We’ll post the playlist and all that later on today, in case you’re missing it. Happy listening, babies.

A BIT STRANGER [9/17/2009]
  • Lightning Bolt // Caught Deep In the Zone
  • Those Darlins // DUI or Die
  • Woven Bones // Janie
  • The Sweel Maps // The Helicopter Spies
  • Cabaret Voltaire // Nag Nag Nag
  • Thomas Leer // Private Plane
  • Mika Miko // Sex Jazz
  • Death // Keep On Knocking
  • JEFF the Brotherhod // Growing
  • The Beets // Don’t Fit In My Head
  • Joe Meek // Telstar [Demo]
  • Ponytail // Celebrate the Body Electric
  • Monotonix // Ride
  • Natural Child // Dogbite
  • Goblin // Tenebre
  • The Locust // Hairspray Suppository
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