Man, those Mata-babes sure know how to get us going. They gave us all those official details about the Shattered tour that we just posted about, and now they’re giving us pre-release streams of two albums we’ve been pretty stoked to listen to: Times New Viking’s Born Again Revisited and Girls’ Album .


We’ve been pretty big TNV fans for a while, since the Dig Yourself/Siltbreeze days and the Funhouse [Mondo RIP] days when they’d roll through and play with Deluxin’. And we’ve had a pretty long-standing crush on Beth, so duh we are mega-stoked. Since they started out in Columbus/Shitgaze, OH a few years back, they’ve definitely found their niche as a band that both garage and indie kids can enjoy. We don’t like to label ourselves as “garage” or “indie”, but we are kids. And we do like Times New Viking.

Times New Viking – Move to California (mp3)


Girls. All I really want is Girls. And in the morning it’s Girls. ‘Cause in the evening it’s Girls. I like the way that they walk. And it’s chill to hear them talk. And I can always make them smile. From White Castle to the Nile. Beastie Boys know exactly how we feel about them. They just had a special record release show today at Amoeba, so if you’re in LA just skip the stream and go get your copy! Just because Matadorks are talking about it, don’t be fooled into think that they’re putting it out! The album’s actually out on True Panther Sound [home to others as Hunx, Ty Segall, Lemonade, etc.] The boys [Girls] are about to head out on a nice European tour, but they’ll be back around the end of October.

Girls – Lust for Life (mp3)

Both Album and Born Again Revisited drop a week from today [Sept. 22] Go HERE to stream the albums/make your pre-orders.

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