Circle K is awesome. The employees are nice, they never card us for our Mistys, and they don’t care if a bunch of teenage kids hang around for two hours blasting Kill ‘Em All on tape, which is what I did this Saturday night. It would be really cool if they fixed the Icee machine, but I guess it’s too much to ask.

Back to the story. While headbanging to Whiplash I remembered something: Metallica is the fuckin’ shit. Now, I’m not gonna tell you Metallica’s entire history with Mustaine and Cliff and all that junk , but this is them in a nutshell: they pretty much invented thrash, pissed off a bunch of dudes when they cut their hair, went platinum with no help from radio or MTV, and wrote Master of Puppets. In fact, they’re entire career has been pretty much spotless. Except for Load and Reload. Those albums sucked hard.
really really hard.

But lets try to forgot they did that. They’re playing the Sommet Center this Tuesday. We caught them at The Basement before Bonnaroo last year [yeah, it fucking happened and it ruled hard]
If you’re not going, fuck off.

:::: Lamb of God?
@ The Sommet Center
A Bunch of Money- All Ages – 8:00PM
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