Isn’t it cool when that happens?! Like last year on 8.8.08, wasn’t that such a fun day?? Yeah, it totally was. And don’t even get me started on 7.7.07.

BUT ANYWAYS, we’re a little busy over here at the ND camp getting ready for this weekend, hence the lack of posts today. We’ve found ourselves in quite a little predicament though: do we see Jay Z at MSG or do we go to ATP for Suicide and The Feelies and others? OK, so it isn’t really that much of a predicament. I mean, Suicide is playing their 1977 Suicide album all the way through. So, duh. Then again, Beyonce is totally our caramel mocha goddess wet dream, and even the thought of running into her at the Jay Z show is a little much for our developing bodies to handle. Hmmm… We’ll let you know what happens.

P.S. Since it’s 9.9.09 and it’s Baja Burrito’s 9th year in business, they’re giving away 1 free meal per customer. Seriously. Go now and wait in line for an hour!

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