We recently signed up over here to see if we could get clones of ourselves because, well you know, who wouldn’t want to be in two places at once? Especially on November 5th this year. We got word from our Canadian Mata-friends, Fucked Up, that they’re going to be performing their album The Chemistry of Common Life in it’s entirety this November 5th at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. They also said there will be some “COOL SPECIAL GUESTS”. Sometimes that means they’ll do old Black Flag songs with Keith Morris, and sometimes that means they’ll do things with that guy from Vampire Weekend [sorry if you’re into that, it’s just not our bag]. Either way, guaranteed to be interesting.

The other place we need to be is at TPAC for Grandpa Cohen’s show. We’ve caught Fucked Up a couple times and had some pizza-pool-parties with them, but we’ve never managed to catch Leonard Cohen [Although we did press our little ears against the doors of the Beacon Theater a few months ago in New York. That kind of counts, right?] Whatever, we’ll be at Leonard Cohen and if he plays “The Butcher” we’ll cry and cry all night. Don’t believe us? Just listen to it and see if you can keep from gushing.

So, hopefully we’ll hear back from our clone-buddies soon and get the ball rolling. Tickets for the Leonard Cohen show are hard to come by, so good luck. Watch the Matablog for information on how to obtain Fucked Up tickets.

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